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Working Groups – Material Transition

Transitioning Chemicals Towards Net Zero.
Working Groups

Material Transition

For the Chemical Industry

Chemical industry is a significant contributor to carbon emissions with 6% of the total emissions. Therefore, achieving net zero for the chemical industry is crucial & will require mitigations of both direct and indirect emissions.

To drive the chemical industry's shift toward a more sustainable future, a dedicated working group has been formed, uniting industry experts, academic leaders, policymakers, and NGOs. This collaborative initiative aims to mitigate carbon emissions by embracing renewable energy and developing renewable chemicals.

By pooling expertise and promoting innovative technologies, the group seeks to create a clear roadmap for transitioning the chemical industry to a lower-carbon model. Through shared knowledge and coordinated efforts, the working group is committed to advancing practices that reduce the environmental impact of chemical production, setting a new standard for sustainability in the sector.

Rajat Arora Uniliver

Mr. Rajat Arora

Vice President and Head of Home Care R&D SA & Asia, Unilever